Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It smells like salt and funnel cakes. I stand, watching the watercolors of teal churn in steady currents before they reach up, bend over, and crash down onto the pebbly shore in a tumble of seafoam. I hear the sound of the waves crashing, bubbles foaming, gulls shrieking madly, and the utter droning of rushing water as it sweeps over my feet. Goosebumps prickle up my legs and my toes sink into the now-slimy sand. The salty breeze lifts up my hair from my shoulders as I feel the grains of salt sting my eyes and race over my skin. But I’m not cold. The sun’s warm breath bathes me. I take one step forward and enjoy the feel of the cool sea gushing at my ankles. It sends a shudder of anticipation up my spine and my heart pounds. With the gritty seashells embedded below my feet, I anxiously take another step forward...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dead-End Dream

It crumples me all

The shudders that break me until I bawl

It builds like a wall
The feeling that everything’s just going to fall...

It deprives my soul
The image of our dreams you just let go...

And it floods over me
The realization of the lies I just didn’t see.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Horse Crazy, Gal!

'...It was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen! The mare was tall with a sleek back and long slender black legs that pumped gracefully with every step. Firm but feminine muscles curved perfectly over her shoulders, not too high and not too loose and a low willowy neck stretched out gallantly. The horse’s coat was a gleaming finish of appaloosa watercolors with a snowy white body dappled with black specks. From the neck to her head, was black with a white stripe at the front of her face. Black and white hairs blended with each other in the horse’s short-cropped mane and her long fluffy tail.
I was mesmerized...'

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do Something!

...I started feeling that special urge to do something! Anything! The bravery built up in me as I inched closer to the edge of the harbor. I had to do this before it was too late! It was necessary! So I slid even farther…
And let myself fall.
My stomach lurched. For countless seconds, I hung in midair, ready to climb back up. And then it came. Like cold cement, I slapped through the cool water. My eyes burned and I shut them as fast as I could. My skin shriveled. It was so cold!! I felt as numb as stone and for seconds, I could not move. I was sure my body was swept away when I fell and all was left was my lifeless spirit. The energy was gone and I could not feel my legs. My mind was frozen in great confusion until it finally snapped back to reality...