Saturday, September 12, 2009

Horse Crazy, Gal!

'...It was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen! The mare was tall with a sleek back and long slender black legs that pumped gracefully with every step. Firm but feminine muscles curved perfectly over her shoulders, not too high and not too loose and a low willowy neck stretched out gallantly. The horse’s coat was a gleaming finish of appaloosa watercolors with a snowy white body dappled with black specks. From the neck to her head, was black with a white stripe at the front of her face. Black and white hairs blended with each other in the horse’s short-cropped mane and her long fluffy tail.
I was mesmerized...'

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do Something!

...I started feeling that special urge to do something! Anything! The bravery built up in me as I inched closer to the edge of the harbor. I had to do this before it was too late! It was necessary! So I slid even farther…
And let myself fall.
My stomach lurched. For countless seconds, I hung in midair, ready to climb back up. And then it came. Like cold cement, I slapped through the cool water. My eyes burned and I shut them as fast as I could. My skin shriveled. It was so cold!! I felt as numb as stone and for seconds, I could not move. I was sure my body was swept away when I fell and all was left was my lifeless spirit. The energy was gone and I could not feel my legs. My mind was frozen in great confusion until it finally snapped back to reality...